Dera Chief's upcoming Chashma Yaar Ka

Dera chief Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insan is coming with his another album which is Chashma Yaar Ka and will be releasing on 15th August 2012.He got fame from his last two hits which are Thank U For That released on 7th March 2012 and Network Tera Love Ka released on 29th April 2012 with label Universal Music. Devraj Sanyal, Managing Director, Universal Music stated that he loved the music and he felt that this music is a mixture of Modern and lyrical tradition. Singh's each album includes 9 songs each which are
1. Dudh
2. Lattu
3. Aai Aai O
4. Ae Kaal Panga Nai Lena Re
5. Sauda
6. Jamkar Ishq
7. Chora Babbar Sher Ka
8. Chocolate
9. Thank You For That
from his first album Thank U For That. Network Tera Love Ka included 
1. Kasam se (Hindi)
2. Vanaj (Punjabi)
3. Kesariya (Rajasthani)
4. Aye yaara (Hindi)
5. Ghent yaara (Punjabi)
6. Jaildara (Hindi)
7. Jhanjar(Punjabi)
8. Andy (hariyani)
9. Network tera love ka (Hindi).

Chashma Yaar Ka will be including1. Chashma (Hindi) 
2. Gaya Re Gaya (Hariyanvi)
3. Tu Mera (Hindi)
4. Rataan Bataan (Punjabi)
5. Lagan (Hindi)
6. Pal (Hindi)
7. Allah Re (Hindi)
8. Khichaan (Punjabi)
9. Mehndi (Hindi)

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